Saturday, December 17, 2005


20 reasons I love my boy

  1. he makes me feel so special
  2. he tells me i'm beautiful on my bad days
  3. he loves me for who i am
  4. he loves me
  5. he makes me the happiest girl in the world
  6. i feel totally at ease with him. i can be myself.
  7. we share everything
  8. he's a great kisser :)
  9. we've grown up together
  10. he means the world to me
  11. we have the best memories
  12. he's my best friend
  13. he has a great family
  14. i can't imagine life without him
  15. he is beautiful
  16. we are soulmates
  17. we have been through a lot of things together - things that normal relationships might break up over, but it's just made ours stronger
  18. he can make the most simple thing, like going for a walk, into the most wonderful time
  19. we have so much fun together
  20. he is amazing.

i will always love you.

Friday, December 09, 2005


i was in a car accident on tuesday. thankfully, i am not seriously injured, nor were my sisters although we're all a bit shook up. its made me realise just how good things are;

i have a boy, he is lovely
i have amazing friends
i have a great family
my home may not be big, it may not be filled with extravagant things but i love it, and it exists..
i have everything i need.
i am lucky.